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Industrial Group – The exclusive platform for executives and experts

The Industrial Group provides an exclusive forum for executives and experts to discuss and elaborate on current issues in B2B business. A special focus is set on the fields of marketing and sales. We develop innovative cross-industry solutions for current challenges in business by encouraging a fruitful discussion between distinguished experts from both academia and the business world.

Your advantages as a participant

Always be one step ahead

Identify the relevant market developments and trends early on and take action before your competitors. Make use of this advantage in order to create sustainable above-average growth.

Make use of exclusive expertise

Gain access to well-founded scientific knowledge. Receive valuable inputs from different industries and learn from the experiences of other companies.

Advance your business

Strengthen your company’s competitive position with innovative approaches. Challenge your ideas and make use of the think tank’s knowledge. Get in touch with young talents and position your company as an attractive employer.

Actively create the future

Become a pioneer in your industry and increase the visibility of your company. Actively participate in making a real progress in B2B marketing and sales and contribute to the newest findings in the field.

Overview on the annual program

A lot needs to be done in marketing and sales

The relevance of marketing and sales for a company’s success is widely recognized. However, the increasingly dynamic markets force executives to think in new patterns and to apply new approaches. Professionals in marketing and sales face the challenge of selecting the appropriate focal points for their organization when confronted with the vast amount of possible starting points. Yet, companies across different industries are dealing with similar issues. The Industrial Group is a forum for an active exchange on professional experiences among participants that provides valuable insights for everybody involved.

Current issues in marketing

  • Solution business under scrutiny
  • Dealing with marketing complexity: From brand management to international operations
  • Marketing resistency in B2B enterprises: New approaches to realize a customer-centric organisation
  • Handling multiple markets: Market segmentation and prioritization
  • Realizing digital transformation in marketing: From initial euphoria to viable measures
  • Enhanding efficiency with the right coordination and processes in marketing: Management cycle
  • Marketing audit and marketing realization
  • Making use of customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data productively

Current issues in sales

  • Starting from market potential: New approaches to organize market cultivation
  • Professionalizing division- and country-based sales in a collaborative manner
  • Get to the heart of value selling: Linking lean and extensive collaboration
  • Developing a multichannel strategy in B2B and adjusting the role of sales
  • Understanding and shaping complex processes on customer side
  • Setting services and prices effectively
  • Developing and implementing sales tools for the digital age
  • Determining the maturity of sales and key account management
  • Fostering innovation and creativity within sales

Program board

The program board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Industrial Group and accompanies the topic selection at the beginning of the year. It consists of the program directors and a representative from every participating company.

Our program directors are:

Professor Christian Belz
Program Director

Professor for marketing at the University of St. Gallen and chairman of the Center for Industrial Marketing Areas of emphasis: Management workshops and lectures about B2B marketing

Professor Roman Boutellier
Program Director

Professor for innovation and technology management at ETH Zurich and board member of the Center for Industrial Marketing Areas of emphasis: Technology, innovation and supply chain management

Dr Michael Weibel
Program Director

Owner and delegate of the board of directors of the Center for Industrial Marketing and lecturer at the University of St. Gallen Areas of emphasis: B2B marketing and sales management

Who we are

Center for Industrial Marketing St. Gallen AG

The Center for Industrial Marketing St. Gallen AG is a spin-off stemming from the Institute of Marketing of the University of St. Gallen.

It connects scientific findings with company-specific requirements and advises corporations and middle-sized companies on the implementation of marketing and sales concepts.

In addition, it develops tailored sales, marketing and management seminars and is responsible for the management development of renowned organizations in the industrial, consumer goods and service sectors.

Institute of Marketing of the University St.Gallen

Since its founding in 1967, the Institute for Marketing and its 35 employees have been conducting research on questions related to marketing and sales management.

It engages in a constant exchange with practitioners in the context of numerous scientific projects and consulting assignments.

Further, it is the author of several well-known and widely-used management concepts such as the Task-Oriented Approach® and the St. Gallen Key Account Management Concept.

Become a part of the Industrial Group

The Industrial Group targets executives and leaders who have an affinity for marketing and sales and hold specific responsibilities in these fields. Apart from a deep professional interest in the topics, the participants share an enthusiasm to discuss and develop solutions with one another. Our members are looking for new insights and wish to compare their practices with other companies’ approaches. We understand that everyone is confronted with internal challenges at several fronts within their respective company. However, it is often beneficial to learn from others’ experiences and to take a step back from daily business in order to achieve sustainable and successful changes in your business.

In order to provide a productive working environment that enables the development of effective solutions, participation in the Industrial Group is limited to a small group of selected individuals. Connect with interesting personalities in this inspiring setting and receive valuable suggestions to overcome your company-specific challenges. Advance your company and set new standards in marketing and sales.

We are looking forward to your contribution.

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